About us

We Have Already Done Great Things! Let’s Do It Again For You

Haowanmo is a modern and advanced company integrating  fashion design, development, production and sales. The company has excellent designers, planners and                                            high quality management team.Constantly update the style of products to meet the diverse needs of consumers,    improve the quality of service, The main business products are sport product,home wear,clothing supplies, mainly involving the markets for Europe, the United States, Japan. 

Haowanmo just to build a stage for dreams, a pure corporate environment, and to explore the unique product art and corporate culture with heart, here, collide with more insightful people, and more like-minded people Go!haowanmo. Created for dreams!

Mission: To maintain peace, friendly cooperation, promote exchanges and achieve common progress!
Values: honest and responsible, sincere love and care, strive for perfection, aim high!

Corporate culture: unity and mutual assistance, equality and happiness, honest communication, innovation, respect for talent, common development!
Service concept: regardless of country, regardless of democracy, regardless of skin color, regardless of language, equal cooperation, create harmony!

We do all the things to make you better, make your life more colorful!